This is an interactive demo of "Flite+hts_engine" speech synthesizer which is software capable of making artificial speech in place of a real human.
Transformation (-0.8 -- 0.8, Default: 0.55)
Pitch-shift (-24 -- 24, Default: 0)
Speech rate (0.5 -- 2.0, Default: 1.0)
Input text
(Max number of letter = 200)
Synthesis result
  • "Not at this particular case, Tom, apologized Whittemore." (Transformation: 0.55 Pitch-shift: 0 Speech rate: 1.0) wav
  • "For the twentieth time that evening the two men shook hands." (Transformation: 0.6 Pitch-shift: -9 Speech rate: 0.9) wav
  • The voice characteristics becomes feminine if "Transformation" value is set lower and it becomes masculine if "Transformation" value is set higher.
  • "Pitch-shift" value is used to control the pitch of synthesized speech in a half-tone.
  • The rate of speech becomes fast if "Speech rate" value is set higher and it becomes slow if "Speech rate" value is set lower.
Input text
  • The maximum number of letter for speech synthesis is 200.