Flite+hts_engine Online Demo Page
                          Terms of Use
                          May 14, 2010

1. Speech audio data created using the Flite+hts_engine Online
   Demo Page (hereafter referred to as the "Demo Page") may be
   used free of charge so long as the usage is not offensive to
   public order and morals.

2. When publishing or distributing speech audio data created
   using the Demo Page, the word "Flite+hts_engine" must be

3. It is forbidden to access the Demo Page by automated script or
   other similar technique.

4. Texts inputed to the Demo Page may be used as sample data for
   speech synthesis research. It will not be possible to identify
   specific individuals through this usage.

5. Absolutely no guarantee is made regarding the usage of the
   Demo Page. The developers and supporters of the Demo Page
   shall assume absolutely no responsibility for any damages
   arising that are related to usage of the Demo Page.

6. These Terms of Use may be revised without prior notification.